Our undies

Where are Yumbums made?

Every pair of Yumbums is made with love in Poland – which is also the beautiful homeland of Yumbum’s founder.

(Side note: We originally planned on whipping up our undies right here in Australia, but unfortunately we couldn’t find anywhere that could make the seamless, laser cut undies we were after – if that changes, we’ll keep you posted!)

Why are there no tags on my pants?

Because we hate unnecessary waste just as much as you do.

What fabric are Yumbums made from?

We’ve carefully selected a beautifully soft Italian fabric that’s best for laser-cut styles. Our black undies are made from polyamide and elastane, and the patterned ones from a mix of polyester and elastane.

Are your undies made ethically?

Of course! Every pair is made by a small team in Poland who are paid proper wages and are just as passionate about our products as we are.

Shipping Information

How long will my shipment take?

We know you’re dying to get your butt into our undies! Your delivery should arrive within 2-3 working days for capital city metro areas, or 3-4 working days if you live outside these areas. Look out for your shipment confirmation email, which you’ll receive once you’ve placed your order.

Uh-oh, my delivery hasn’t arrived… what now?

If it’s been 5 working days since you received your shipment confirmation email and you’re still without your Yumbums, please email [email protected] and we’ll get straight on the case.

How much does shipping cost?

It’s free – isn’t that nice!

Help, I’ve ordered some undies but now I’ve changed my mind – what can I do?

No dramas babe. If you change your mind before receiving your shipment confirmation email, get in touch ASAP and we’ll organise a refund. If you’ve already received the email and/or your undies, just make sure you don’t open the pack (undies returns have strict rules!) – contact us and we’ll arrange a return.

Oh no…the undies I bought don’t fit me – can I return them?

We know this is annoying, but…underwear can’t be returned for hygiene reasons. And if we took them back, they’d have to go straight into landfill – which sucks for the environment and is a big no-no for us. Just be sure to take a good look at our size guide before ordering a pair, so you can find your perfect fit.

Size matters 

Why do Yumbums only come in 3 sizes?

As the new kids on the retail block, we’re only just beginning our journey – and we wanted to bring your our beautiful products sooner rather than later. So while for now we only have 3 sizes, we promise we’re working on adding more – cos we love all babes and can’t wait to cater to every single one of you. If you’d love a pair of Yumbums but can’t find your size, give us a heads up on [email protected]

What’s my Yumbum size?

Take a peek at our handy size guide, which you can find here

Caring for my Yumbum 

How do I wash my Yumbum undies?

Beautiful undies like ours are delicate creatures, so the better you take care of them, the longer they’ll be yours to love. For the best results, we recommend hand washing your Yumbums in cold water. PSA: Yumbums hate bleach, tumble dryers and irons, so avoid these to keep your undies happy.